DomIns: A Web Resource for Domain
Insertions in Known Protein Structures

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Access Methods

The information in the database can be accessed using different methods.

1. Search by PDB Code or keyword

A user can submit a PDB Code (eg., 1an9) with or without chain information or SCOP domain or keyword.

2. Browse all entries

All known domain insertions in PDB can be browsed individually.

3. Browse by type of insertion

We have classified domain insertions based on the number of insert domains seen in a single chain. In single insertions, a domain belonging to a particular superfamily gets inserted into another domain of the same superfamily or of a different superfamily. In multiple insertions, more than one insert, of the same or different superfamily is inserted into the parent domain.

4. Browse by combination

We have considered the first five classes in SCOP for determining domain insertions. Hence there are 25 possible combinations of parent-child combinations. This option allows the user to browse based on such combinations. For example, domain insertions where the parent belongs to alpha/beta class and insert belongs to alpha+beta class.

This option also allows the user to browse entries by unique parent or insert class. For example, a query would be to list all insertions that have a parent domain belonging to All-Alpha class.


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